A New Mindskin by Donnell Duncan

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein From the dawn of the universe to the advent of the metaverse, significant events have resulted in cosmic shifts that have permanently reshaped life as we know it. Like the year 0 that separated BC from AD, 2020 was a dividing line in time. It marked the end of one significant era of human existence and the beginning of another. What happened before 2020 would be distinct from what happened after. In this, his 8th book, author Donnell Duncan zeroes in on the changing landscape of the marketplace and the necessary adjustments that need to be made to thrive not just in spite of, but because of it. This wide-ranging discourse includes topics like transferrable skills, tactical vs strategic thinking, elevation by association, sharpening the axe, reinventing yourself, building your personal brand, catching the wind, bringing your whole self to life, and DE&I. The time has come to adopt “A New Mindskin”, one that's flexible, adaptable, and efficient at change management. When you finish reading this book, expect your mind to be stretched and never return to its former state.

The Mystery of Time: Understanding the Time and Season You Are In

Do you want to know the secret to success according to Ecclesiastes 9:11? Be in the right place at the right time. That principle forms the foundation of "The Mystery of Time". Yet, it all starts with seeing time through the eyes of The One who created it; God. Time is more than the numbers on a clock or dates on a calendar. It’s more than the span between the beginning of Genesis and the end of Revelation. It’s more than what can be measured with any man-made tool or instrument. God has fit time into the continuum of eternity in such a way that it governs the human experience. In this, his seventh book, author Donnell Duncan looks from seven different Biblical perspectives at the age-old question; "What is time?" He provides scriptural best practices for discerning God’s timing and shares effective tools for understanding the end times. Most importantly, he reveals through the life of Jesus, the value of living according to God's schedule and tapping into the wisdom of the Holy Spirit for a revelation of the future.

The Fish With The Coin in its Mouth by Donnell Duncan

From gold coins to Bitcoin, God has always had a financial game plan. Merging Biblical and practical monetary principles, author Donnell Duncan carefully guides you along on a journey through five stages of personal economic development; Entry-Level, Middle Management, Executive Management, Entrepreneurship, and Investing.

One Month With a King by Angel Duncan

One Month with A King was written to encourage the hearts of people who have received promises from God that seem long in coming. In the 31 lessons of this book, parallels are drawn between the everyday struggles of believers pursuing God's heart and the journey of King David from relative obscurity in the wilderness to global prominence in the palace. Most importantly, emphasis is placed on seeing the process through God's eyes and fulfilling the promise in God's heart.

Faith Science: Where Faith and the Scientific Method Collide by Donnell Duncan

Do you know that cloning, synthetic biology, entropy, and the Ice Ages can be traced to the Bible? Can the discovery of the Higgs Boson, or God Particle, by scientists in CERN or FERMILAB help us perceive the spirit realm? In Faith Science, author Donnell Duncan exposes scientific mysteries hidden within scriptures then employs the scientific method to approach the study of faith.

Well Done by Donnell Duncan

Two of the deepest questions on the hearts of every human being are; "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?" Regardless of what you accomplish during your time on this earth, if you never get the answers to these two questions, a void will remain in your life. This book will help. It’s a practical, yet Biblical guide to discovering and executing your God-given purpose.

I Curse Death by Donnell Duncan

In I Curse Death, author Donnell Duncan boldly answers these questions and many more. The message is simple: man was designed by God to be immortal and only lost that gift by falling into sin. Duncan demonstrates with scripture that the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ restored this gift to all those who believe. With each intriguing chapter, Duncan draws the reader into a world governed by the original Will of God. In that world, each human being is given a specific time to complete a specific purpose and does not die before it is completed.

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